Myth busting Channel 4 interview with Davina McCall

November 20, 2023

At 44 Davina McCall thought she was losing it. She hid her menopause symptoms at work and from her friends until she finally discovered that she was in perimenopause! She talks about her own hot flushes, depression, mental fog and confusion, describes her own menopause journey and fear around hormone replacement therapy.

Nine in ten women say the menopause affects their work and around half say their sex lives are adversely affected. Davina fearlessly takes on the midlife taboos that can destroy women’s jobs and relationships. She also points out the lack of specialist education for GPs and talks about the the confusion that still exists around HRT mainly stemming from misrepresented results from a study done twenty years ago

Davina was warned not to discuss her menopause publicly as it would ruin her image. Thankfully Davina ignored this advice! We are all very grateful!

Watch it live on Channel 4,Wednesday 12th May at 9pm.

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